Pony Stories 619

28 May

Another day, another couple of ponyfic reviews.

  • On or Off? by TheLoveless
  • Silver Glow’s Journal by Admiral Biscuit
  • Protagonist by CCC
  • Twilight’s Strange New Illness by keulan742

On or Off? by TheLoveless

I try to be forgiving and gentle when I read stories. But this one… This was pretty terrible. Typos of nearly every kind, context free incoherence, the works.

Silver Glow’s Journal by Admiral Biscuit

It’s kind of interesting how some authors will focus on one type of ponies over the others. I got to thinking about it while reading this story and realizing that Estee focuses a bit more on Earth Ponies, while it is fairly obvious that Georg does bat ponies. None of the authors focus solely on one tribe or another, but a closer look does seem to indicate it sometimes. The author of this story isn’t obvious in most of his stories, it just stood out because this one is about a Pegasus and from the Pegasus perspective, which has a fairly based outlook. Which brought to mind Estee’s Earth Pony magic and culture stuff.

This story also makes me feel a bit old. Which will amuse my housemates since they are all twice my age or so, one is even three times my age. Anyway, the ubiquity and/or casual presence of the Uber driving service just makes me feel out of touch. Mostly because around the Boston area there are billboard ads for a competing service and that has me thinking about that sort if thing recently. I like the idea conceptually, it goes well with my love of technology and the benefits of crowdsourcing things. I also would probably never use things like Uber myself due to my social anxieties. I’m fine with public transportation because it’s a group service and I can just sit and read, but alone with the driver? Conversation is at least implied in that sort of social situation. So it’s kind of weird that a story with Uber as just sort of a part of the world makes me feel old. Guess it is just a reminder that the world I live in is not the world I grew up in.

Not that any of that has to do with this story. Which is unfinished by the way. Argh. This author is one of the few that keeps tempting me into unfinished stories because I want to read more of his writing.

Anyway, I did enjoy this story. Not quite as much as the other ones the author has written. The diary format is pulled off decently well but I think it creates a bit too much distance between the reader and the actual story for my tastes. So recommended. Reading it all at once was a bit tiring as well. Might be better to read it a chunk at a time. Though I did stay up late reading it so even though it was a bit of a slog to get through all at once I certainly didn’t want to put it down for any length of time. So, recommended I guess.

Protagonist by CCC

Hee. Hard to argue Trixie’s logic. Very fun little story.

Twilight’s Strange New Illness by keulan742

This was a bit better than I was expecting. Still fluffy and simple, but amusing. I liked that Twilight realized it was a crush the moment it was pointed out to her. That makes it less that she is oblivious and more just she approaches everything in a very scientific fashion. So physical symptoms must be some illness affecting her. The moment some pony brings up romance Twilight near instantly goes “duh” and switches mental tracks to that instead.

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