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Pony Stories 617

I just now read Titanium Dragon’s post about his day two and three experience at Everfree Northwest. Which had the usual two layer reaction in my head. First, I always enjoy reading someone had a good time at any event, but especially a fan convention. I might have not been to one in a while, but I had been going to scifi/fantasy and anime cons for a good portion of my life and they are kind of just part of my mental view of the world at this point. So it is always nice to hear someone enjoyed one. However, the other side of my reaction is a bit of sadness and/or melancholy due to my social complications. I suck at meeting new people and I kinda suck at maintaining a conversation. Give me a good topic and I can probably keep going, and I always like to listen to someone talk about a subject they are passionate about, but I just can’t seem to manage the basic prompt/response rituals that keep a conversation going whenever all involved don’t have much to say at that moment. So I’m always a bit anxious before meeting new people because I feel like I’m a terrible conversationalist.

Which in one respect is a bit silly. I’ve been told that I’m pretty neat to talk to and most of my friends (back when I had a in-person social circle) repeatedly told my that I was really cool to have around. The anxieties we all carry around in our heads I guess. Anyway, to wrap this back around to the subject of cons, that particular mental glitch kicks in and compliments the fact that I just can’t initiate social interactions. Sure, if I make a plan to meet someone ahead of time I’ll stick to that, but no way will I go around at a con to meet people. Which sucks because the social bits are around 80% of why a person should go to a con.

  • Princess Celestia is Just Riddled with Bullets by Protopony350
  • The Moon, The Flower, And The Door by Bucking Nonsense
  • Trav(ap)est(r)y by Estee
  • From Her Cowboy Boots to Her Down Home Roots by Sherlocked-Dawn
  • Smugling by KingMoriarty

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Pony Stories 616

I still think there is an argument to be made using just the show that Equestria is the name of the world, not just a kingdom. A lot of the use of it that I caught during my rewatch makes more sense that way.

In completely other trivia, I find the links for these by typing in the title and letting the auto-complete of the browser address bar pop up the story. Which works great most of the time. Sometimes gets me fun other sites I’ve visited with the same word(s). Or, in the case of the first of today’s stories, makes me kind of embarrassed about my browser history.

  • Restraint by Habanc
  • One by Craine
  • Her Prince by FlameingToast
  • A Certain Type of Chic by iMarc89
  • Worthy by Twinkletail

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Pony Stories 615

So, Mister Obselescence is doing feature box reviews. A task that has left a trail of broken and bitter reviewers in its wake. I just got caught up on his posts, adding them to the list and whatnot, and hit the same conundrum I hit most often with Feature Box themed reviewers. How much of the clop reviews do I link on the list? I’ve always tried to avoid putting anything with a extremely pornographic title (or author) on the list, since I aim to have a Pony Target Audience friendly spreadsheet. I am also incredibly subjective on what does and does not fall into that category. I ended up not adding like five stories he covers over three posts onto the list because they were all mature sex stories. Once again, these are the trivial moral struggles of my life. At least I’m catching up and only half a dozen bookmarked review posts to cover!

Even if one is the endless contest post by certain unnamed reviewers.

  • Fluttershy Defends Scotland Against Invasion by Alien Squirrels by Pineta
  • Bee Kind and Waggle On by Pineta
  • Fluttershy Donates Blood by Ianpiersonjdavis
  • A Young Twilight Goes to the Book Store by kuma2564

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Pony Stories 614

Amazon’s ebook self-publishing arm recently changed their payout rules to only do direct deposit. Or at least that is what I vaguely remember from the email informing me about it. The important bit is that I had to switch my payout option from a check mailed to me to a direct deposit to my bank account. The check had a 100 buck lower limit, they would hold my earnings until I hit that before sending a check out. Since I hadn’t gotten there yet I hadn’t gotten a check yet. Direct deposit, however, has a much smaller lower limit and so they sent all the accumulated money I’ve made from people buying/renting my short stories. Turned out to be around 35 bucks. Not bad, considering that is for the last few years. About ten bucks a year. Given that I had gotten a payment a long while back for around 20, that means I’ve probably made approximately 50 bucks total from my writing. The one-a-month sales have dried up though. More motivation and/or guilt that I need to put out more stuff.

  • The Instruments of Our Surrender by Cold in Gardez
  • The Duke Abides by GrassAndClouds2
  • Pillow Talk by Mistress Spectrum
  • Canterlot’s Guests by JKinsley

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Pony Stories 613

Work on catching up with the Big Master Review List continues. No thanks to the efforts of some reviewers who will remain nameless that post gigantic contest-review blogposts right when I’m trying to psyche myself up to get working on it.

  • To Me by AngelWing456
  • Coffee Shop by Elara
  • Sparkling Diamonds by CleverlyDmented
  • Cognac and Cuddling by Fission
  • Austraeoh: Abridged by shortskirtsandexplosions

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