Pony Stories 627

10 Jun

I remind myself that I did daily posts on this blog for like a year and a half once. Just need to find that groove again.

Anyway, due to reasons I was looking into kindle eReader cases and turns out there is some pretty cool choices beyond the basic black that is kinda default for the Paperwhite model. Including one that is totally custom, you put in pictures and everything. That one is 50 bucks, however so not going to be soon.

  • The Conquerors by BronyWriter
  • PonyHammer 40,000: Magic of War by Dragon Heart
  • Give A Like – Feed A Changeling by Lise Eclaire

The Conquerors by BronyWriter

A short story that gives an outside view of Ponies winning a war. Specifically from a small town civilian point of view. Felt kind of formulaic to me. Two reasons, one I have a hard time viewing ponies as vicious invaders. I know that is part of the point of the story but it doesn’t do anything to meet me halfway. The other is that we don’t get much of anything about the Gryphons. So, not bad but kind of forgettable.

PonyHammer 40,000: Magic of War by Dragon Heart

Meh. This is not what I would call a good crossover. It is literally just the cutscenes from the game with the nouns slightly changed to be more pony. It doesn’t even cover the missions themselves, which sucks because some actual story stuff happens there. Not recommended. Would be interested in seeing how someone who has never seen the game would react to this though.

Give A Like – Feed A Changeling by Lise Eclaire

Writing style on this one was a bit off for me. First person perspective? I’m not sure. Took me a bit to figure out who the perspective character was. Still, not a bad treatment of the premise. Just left me a bit empty out all.




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