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26 Jun

Want to make posting daily a thing once again but no content. The first world problems of having to type up written notes instead of just copy-pasting them when I’ve had a bad day. So no story review today. Instead a brief look at the Preacher series.

Anyway, in other media consumption news I spent most of today reading the entire Preacher comic series. I had (fond?) memories of it back when it was more or less coming out and one of my friends was a big comics fan. I had read most of it but not the whole thing. With the television series out now I figured I should give it a read through before checking out the show. Just to refresh my memory. It was just as violent, profanity-filled, and everything else in that vein I remembered. Back in my first read I would have called it well written. Now after several years of critically trying to look at stories and writing? I’d call it functional writing with moments of creativity. The characters were never cardboard cutouts, but I would still call them shallow. Just, you know, creatively shallow? Plus back to my opinion that the Christian religion is one of the most boring around from a worldbuilding point of view. Setting faith aside (there, that one phrase is sure to avoid any and all arguments! Why hasn’t anyone ever tried it before?) Ahem. Setting the matter of faith/truth/superstition aside, the basic Christian mythos is just kind of dull. At least the mainstream versions that get used. I hear some of the earlier stuff, say, pre-flood supernatural stuff, might have had some cool stuff. Yet the basic angels/demons/god boilerplate is just so dull.

Sure, Preacher does some cool things with it, but even if you put a clever twist on it a plain white box is a plain white box with some cool designs painted on it afterward.

On the other hand I still intend to check out at least an episode or two of the series because I’ve heard they are doing something different with it. So, different designs on the plain white box!

Hmmm…. Perhaps comparing one of the biggest religions in the world to a plain white cardboard box (that was what the metaphor in my head was) is perhaps not the best idea. To be clear I mean it strictly from a fantasy/scifi worldbuilding angle and only include the most bland mainstream version of it that popular and/or mainstream culture keeps using.

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