Pony Stories 634

08 Jul

I watched the movie Blade (with Wesley Snipes) and it doesn’t hold up all that well. Solid B-movie action stuff. I liked it still, but the effects are so dated. Early CG effects that look terrible now. They should have gone with practical effects. The Thing did and it still looks just as good as it did when it was made. I started watching Blade 2, but got pulled away halfway through. The thing that caught my attention the most? The freaking diversity. Main character is black, most of the secondary characters and mooks are a spread of different cultures/races. Some of them are fairly obvious cliches, but that can honestly be forgiven. Just always amuses and/or frustrates me when I see an older movie that isn’t a mono-culture actor base. Hollywood can do the right thing, it just doesn’t most of the time.

  • A Book for a Pegasus by Snowliasion

A Book for a Pegasus by Snowliasion

The author of this one needs more practice writing. A bit more of a focus on why the main character likes romance novels, and the ones of the story in particular, would be my main recommendation. In a more general train of thought this story made me realize why I have such pronoun trouble in my own writing. I don’t like doing the he/she/name thing every other sentence. To the point that my editor tells me I often go too far in the other direction. Doing the identification pronouns so often makes me feel like I’m reading bullet points instead of a narrative. This story had a paragraph and a half where every sentence started with ‘I’ and was a long compound sentence stitched together with a comma in the middle.

New author positive comment time! The story was lacking in quality, but all of it was pure skill stuff that just needs practice. The character had a nice concept and the story itself had plenty of potential. There weren’t any huge glaring flaws or terrible crimes against language that one finds in the FimFiction red territories. I don’t have the memory or attention span to keep track of such things long term, but if I did I would be interested in seeing what this author writes a few stories down the line once they have enough practice to add depth to their already neat story ideas.

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One response to “Pony Stories 634

  1. Snowliasion

    August 8, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Well it was the first story I have ever written, and I’m Dutch by nationality so yeah I made a good share of mistakes there hehe


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