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12 Jul

So, I’m reading Memoirs of a royal guard thanks to PresentPerfect going in first to make sure it’s not a death trap. Which wasn’t really a concern, I just wanted to use the phrase death trap. Pretty good. In ways better than Crystal’s Wishes, in ways not as good. Turns out I was mis-remembering another story for it, which is good because one of the reasons I was avoiding giving Memoirs a try was because I was remembering the starting chapters of what is probably a much worse story. Also, the writing that did bug me in the start of Memoirs goes away quickly. So certainly a story to push through even if you don’t like the first chapter. Assuming you like semi-fluffy slice of life stuff in the first place.

It’s also got me reading Crystal’s Wishes again. Mostly because I’ve kinda-sorta wanted to give that another read to see if my opinion of it settles down after another go through. Also because I’m vaugely remembering the scenes Crystal Wishes and Silent Knight share from her perspective and it’s driving me nuts that it’s only vagueness. So at about the halfway point of Memoirs I’ve paused to catch up on Crystal’s Wishes up to that point and will be reading them more or less in tandem until the end.

(not too much later edit: heck with that. Crystal’s Wishes is about twice as long and the halfway point for Memoirs is like two-thirds the way into Wishes. So I’ll probably just read that again in the near future and handle the vague memories of it for now.)

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