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23 Jul

Played a bit of Factorio recently. Fun game, for a bit anyway. I’m not sure how much replay value there is at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be much point without some kind of goal. Even in Minecraft, which is somewhat similar in that it is a freeform game of building stuff, has exploration in it. That was one of the best things about it for me even. Seeing what new landscapes and areas I could find. Or build stuff of aesthetic value to look at. That sort of thing. Factorio doesn’t have either exploration (of any real degree) or being able to build visually interesting structures. So I looked to see if there are any mods that might add some depth and function to the game. There is! In terrible organization and installing them is easy, but annoying to run. I ended up giving up without seeing much change in my game. Reminds me of just how easy and neat Skyrim and Fallout4 mods over on the Nexus pages are to find and use. The game is still in early access, so not actually a complete game yet. If it hadn’t been on sale and cost like 4 bucks I wouldn’t have gotten it.

  • Scootalift by Estee

Scootalift by Estee

First incomplete read review here.

Another fairly typical Estee story. With all of the good things and some of the bad things that implies. I read the first chapter a while back, so this was just finishing it off now that the story is complete. Recommended for Scootaloo fans and fans of Bulk Biceps. Some cool world and character building for the heavily muscled tiny winged pegasus that was pretty nifty. Scootaloo is a bit one-dimensional, to an annoying but not deal-breaking degree.

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