Non-pony story review: Novus

01 Aug

Novus: Book of Judgment By Erin Kassidy

A book written by a online friend that I was actually asked to give a semi-critical edit-ish read through just before she published it. I liked it then and re-reading it now I still like it. Though the flaws are a bit more obvious to me now. It’s not a perfect story by any means. Yet it’s got what I consider the most important bits. Cool ideas. So if you like fantasy stuff, or more specifically the niche genre of people finding themselves in a video game type world (like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon, to mention anime examples) you should check this out. I’d give it one of the highest recommendations I can. It’s worth dealing with the terrible terrible Smashwords website to get. Also, the cover image is kind of terrible. Try not to let that scare you away. The story is a fun one with some cool concepts in it, assuming you like the idea of people living in a world of video game mechanics.

A pity there aren’t more books in the series. At least I think my friend had ideas for more books to make it a series, and the ending certainly leaves things open enough to have one. Everything in the story gets more or less wrapped up, but in a way that just reveals new aspects of the setting that could be fuel for a whole trilogy or more.

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