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08 Aug

I just realized Bridle Gossip is a Spike episode. He doesn’t get affected by the poison joke because they leave him behind without a second thought and he’s the one that actually saves the day because he didn’t dismiss the book with the cure because of a glance at the first word of the title. Just amusing to see an episode where he manages to leverage his badly written weaknesses into advantages for once!

In other news, 30% of the way into Project Horizons. Only now starting to drag a bit. Which is surprising. Given that I’ve read it before and the sheer length I was expecting to be a little bored once I hit that window of after I’d gotten back into the story but before I got to the new bits. However, once again, Blackjack’s constant mental problems are starting to piss me off. Some angst is good, but she goes over the top over and over and over again. Ugh. I’m actually looking forward to her getting cyborg legs because I think it tones down a bit after that.

  • Friendship is Optimal: Paranoia is Optimal by deaincaelo

Friendship is Optimal: Paranoia is Optimal by deaincaelo

I’m always up for a good FiO story. Sadly, I cannot put this on in that category. There was one or two moments that would have been cool… No, wait, I’m actually thinking of the last Optimal story I’ve read. So, this one, this one… Hmmm… Guess that tells you one thing. Trying to think back on it I’m not actually remembering much detail. Also that I’m writing this review-ish shaped block of text some time after I put the story down. I only got about halfway through it before stopping. Mostly because of the story switching from first-person to third-person along with what seemed like a fairly dramatic thematic change. I only got like two pages, so maybe that’s just a wrong first impression. The story has very little FiO in it. We get no interaction with digital Equestria or CelestAI. Just the main character doing over the top paranoid things and occasionally talking with their home-grown AI in a double-shielded privacy cage workshop. The story page says it is a rough first draft and if it does get a top to bottom edit I might give it another try. Until then I have to recommend against checking it out.

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