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12 Aug

Running out of anti-depressant meds sucks. Not sure how much of that is behind the slow down in the last few chapters of Project Horizons. Just seems like the endgame of the story is kinda dragging. Blackjack’s angst has stopped being 40-60% stupid though, and there is a lot less of it. Just… The whole enclave arc and such just doesn’t have my interested as much as the earlier stuff does. One of the cool things about the original Fallout Equestria is that the end was this whole ball of everything happening at once and was a big rush of activity. Whereas Project Horizons really seems to more or less be setting things up and knocking them down in a much more one-by-one sort of fashion. Then again, my lack of interest might be my brain chemical apathy kicking in due to lack of meds. Will have to see how someone else handles it for comparison.

  • π by Kwakerjak
  • Pandelirium by Kwakerjak
  • Transdementia by Kwakerjak

π by Kwakerjak

Pretty cool version of Trixie with the alicorn amulet.

Pandelirium by Kwakerjak

I didn’t notice the clever little gimmick in the chapter titles/numbers until halfway through when I got confused at a glance at the number and it wasn’t what I expected. This was an interesting wrap-up of Trixie from the previous story, as well as a interesting look at another villain from the show. Specifics I don’t want to spoil, but I thought it was one of the more interesting villain backstories.

Transdementia by Kwakerjak

A very cool version of the first Equestria Girl’s movie. I liked Pinkie Pie as the one sent over instead of Twilight Sparkle.

All in all, this particular series/alternate universe was pretty spiffy. I liked this version of pony from Nightmare Moon more than say, Nyx. I really should re-read Past Sins at some point just to get another viewpoint on it. Anyway, Umbra is a cool character who I enjoyed quite a bit. The basic concepts of powerful magical ponies creating imaginary friends that can bend reality in various ways is a cool concept and used quite well in every variation that pops up.

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