Worldcon 2016 day three

17 Aug

You know what’s great? Putting extra buffer in your plans for when things don’t work out. So, if you have a cross-country road trip you should plan to get there a day before the target date. Because you never know when you might have forgotten that the actual target date is a day earlier than your plans were.
(pretend there is a pagebreak here, I can’t seem to find that on my phone)

So, was a little late so I didn’t get to help unload the trailer or setup the bookshelves (though dad says the shelves were easy due to new storage pallets) but I did unpack and put the books up on the shelves and help here and there with setup and I’ll be around for morning setup tomorrow. So glad he called to see where I was and kick-start my brain into the actual right day and time I should have been showing up. On the other hand, it means I didn’t get a afternoon and evening to myself to relax and do some errands. Perhaps tomorrow (today when this is posted).

Everything is ready. Just a few more boxes of books to unpack and figure out spots for. Once again we have more books than shelf space, but I’m pretty sure that’s the natural state of books and shelves. If you have enough shelf space for all of your books, you are doing life wrong.

I had a weird idea about Twilight and the crowds of duplicate ponies in the early show. What if we were seeing the world from Twilight’s point of view? Like she doesn’t recognize other ponies so her brain just fills in crowds with ponies she vaguely recognizes. As she becomes more socially adjusted and open to the magic of friendship the ponies in her everyday life become much more individual and have actual personality. Anyway, just a thought that wouldn’t leave my brain. Animation development of the show as Twilight Sparkle’s internal personal development.

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