Worldcon trip day four, con day two

18 Aug

Once again, my efforts at being logical with my post titles is ruined by me switching something without realizing it until later.So, day four of my trip but yesterday (as of this going live) was day two of the con. Counting the day of setup. This was the first day of actually seeing attendees.

Which was fine. I’m so out of shape and practice at being on my feet for hours and hours at a time. Ow my poor feet and ankles. I’m not exactly a skinny guy (kinda on the other side) so my ankles are never feeling good when I’m on my feet for a while. Still, good first day. Talked to people. Made a few sales. Mostly people checking things out on the first day and all that.

Once again run into the people who pretty much don’t socialize outside of cons and stuff. I try to be paitent with the people that really want to talk with someone and have no idea how. I’ve been there. Though I have enough empathy to realize what trouble I can cause people, which leads me to just not talk to people.

Anyway, sometime during the con I hope that a particular award-winning author shows up. He doesn’t know it of course, the award was secret and neither the author nor his fans know about the award, only the cabal who awarded it. And me, I suppose, though I’m just guessing. The trilogy was certainly good enough for any one of the unknown secret awards.

So, this is what happens to my brain when I listen to Welcome to Night Vale for hours over two days.

Oh, I’ve got the names of the next to Confused Alicorn books. The author will just have to see my cleverness when he shows up.

Oh, and once again here is the picture of our con bookstore in case you missed it yesterday.

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One response to “Worldcon trip day four, con day two

  1. iisawiisaw

    August 18, 2016 at 11:13 pm

    A secret cabal has awarded you the prize for most bookstore-looking bookseller at the con!

    Also, your title ideas were _extremely_ clever!


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