Worldcon 2016 thursday

19 Aug

Feet have toughened up. No longer in agony after standing for a few hours. Just the usual aches of heavy guy who spends a lot of time sitting. Today was a pretty good day. Lots of people wandered through. Including well know authors such as Robert Silverburg and even iisaw of Celestia Code and Luna Cypher fame. Was fun to meet and get my books signed. Gave him physical copies of two of my short stories in return.

Some fun pictures with the little plush hedgehog we’ve got.
Oh, and I’ve been trying to play a game of chess against the con as a whole. We’ve got a nice chess board setup on one of our display tables and I’ve got a little card with ‘your move, place on other side of board when finished’ out there and some people who wander by make a move and a bit later I make a move. Haven’t finished a game yet. There is another dealer semi-near that enjoys chess and we have played a few games. A few from wherever the board has gotten to, so then I have to start over. It’s been so long since I’ve played chess, so I’m really enjoying it.

Lots of fun costumes and clothing.  Not to mention beautiful ladies. Once again, great thing about fandom is that the number of skinny ladies is lower and I like a girl with curves, so the scenery is lovely. Once again makes me think about getting some anti-anxiety meds so I could actually strike up a conversation with any of them.

Oh, and there was this one girl who never came into the booth but wandered by once or twice who has brightly colored hair, split blue and pink. I keep thinking she’s going for Bon Bon, but she wore just normal clothes so I think she just likes the colors. Still, kept making me double-take each time I noticed her.

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