Worldcon 2016 Sunday

22 Aug

Woo! As of writing this the con is over, everything is packed up, and I’m at a hotel after 2-3 hours drive away from Kansas City. Two wonderful hours of just me alone in the car. I’m really not built for living with other people.

Anyway, last day of the con was kinda dead. We had around a half-dozen people buy stuff. Worst day of the con. In fact the worst Sunday of any con we’ve gone to.Sure it was the Sunday of a five day con, but a good amount of people that shopped Saturday were people that showed up Friday night I bet. Just seems like most of the attendees decided Sunday just wasn’t worth the effort or something.

Overall a decent time. Not as fun as some. My social glitches flared up a bit more than previous cons. Also got mad at my dad during load-out and snapped at him, and he snapped back at me. Both of us were tired and worn out and that particular incident was my fault. Going to bother me for days because my brain never knows when to let go of these things.

Highlights! Fun with the hedgehog plush. Here’s today’s picture.

Yep, the con has driven the hedgehog to drink twice his volume of imaginary booze.

Meeting iisaw was cool. Even remembered to give him the media-filled bottle usb drive I give to everyone from online I meet in person. All two of them!

Could have been better on my end. I feel like I barely made the social skill check. In fact I had a lot of trouble maintaining conversations the whole week. That’s always been a weakness of mine. After a bit I just don’t know what to say. Yet it was particularly bad during the con. I’m great with brief back and forths and business interaction, but long form conversation? Bleh. Though I have half an excuse with iisaw. I didn’t really want to attempt a longer pony conversation with my dad nearby. He knows I like ponies and wouldn’t really care, so once again the worry is all in my head with no real basis in fact.

Still! A whole week of interacting with strangers on some level. I do hope it’s helping condition me to be a little less social phobic/anxious. Didn’t end up buying anything because honestly Ii would rather save the money and get some comissioned art.

I’ve also decided my new(ish) phone is gonna be a Rarity themed phone. Got a piece of saucy human Rarity art for the screen wallpaper and renamed it to Ministry Of Image. Now I just need some nice Rarity voice notifications and alarms. Anyone out there know a good fandom voice actor that does a good Rarity? I actually think I would like to pay to have the phone noises custom made.

Anyway, time to decompress and get some sleep. Tomorrow is meeting another online friend (who doesn’t get a usb drive, hm) which might or might not lead to some fun. Then two or three days on the open road. Or more specifically 1.5-2.5 days on the open road and half a day dealing with what New England calls the scribble that claims to be roads.


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2 responses to “Worldcon 2016 Sunday

  1. iisawiisaw

    August 25, 2016 at 12:16 am

    Just got home today… through the west where we hit a couple stretches where the gas stations were more than 100 miles apart!

    It was great meeting you and I’m sorry we didn’t get to talk more, but it’s nearly impossible in a hectic con situation.

    • Griffin

      August 25, 2016 at 7:36 pm

      Glad to hear you got home safe. I had the opposite situation. The rest stations went from decently far to every thirty minutes, or less, it seemed. Everything here on the east coast is just so smooshed together.

      I grew up in Colorado, so my mental definition of ‘big’ or ‘spread out’ is waaay different than around here. Once more or less accidently drove through an entire state once while having a conversation with my mom on a car trip.


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