Worldcon 2016 recovery

25 Aug

Got back yesterday. Kinda just zoned out at the computer the evening of my return. Also tried to not think about the 137 (141 when I checked back a bit after writing this) item notification list waiting on FimFiction. All in all, a decent trip. Not as good as last years. Mostly the con was a lot slower and breakdown had me and my dad snapping at each other once. Mostly my fault, but still should have focused on the work. That end of things combined with terrible sleeping for the days back (and almost meeting another friend from online but that bit getting trashed due to external factors) meant the return trip was kind of miserable. Anyway, back to the usual grind. Hopefully I can pop myself into a writing groove sometime soon even if the trip was a utter failure at that. Having a smartphone that actually is semi-useful for internet access is a big distraction.

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