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03 Sep

Today’s favorite from the blog spam comments:

A computer engineering significant is similar to a significant in electric design but with a heavy focus on computer technology.

So, decided to see if I can’t nibble away at my expenses a bit. In this case doing my semi-annual audit of my Patreon supporting. Which is always a struggle. Everything there is cool and it’s only a dollar or less for them all. Yet that adds up to like 30-40 bucks given that I’m supporting 30+ people/projects. Plus several are friends. The hardest is the people that have like 7 supporters and getting around 20$ a month, so my withdrawing is a big chunk. So always pulling teeth deciding which needs to go. Blerg. Why can’t I just be independantly wealthy with no effort? I’ve got to have some obscure unknown rich relative to get into the will and arrange an accident for. Anyway, until then gotta keep cutting back. Also, to that one guy I’m the only supporter of that I’m about to cancel my support: I’m really sorry and it has very little to do with you! Or the other guy who had only 5 supporters! I’m really trying to cut back and only putting money at things I enjoy to excess on a regular basis!

  • Beer and a Knife Fight 2: Celestia Discovers Iced Tea by PresentPerfect
  • Your Own Worst Enemy by Distaff Pope

Beer and a Knife Fight 2: Celestia Discovers Iced Tea by PresentPerfect

Just what I needed two-thirds of the way through the story in the review under this one. I found it hilarious. If you liked the first one, or just like poking fun at things in the show, you’ll enjoy this one. Hee.

“Keep them mem’ries close at hoof, and keep yer guns a-shine.  Soon that blessed day will come: retake the Ponyville Line.”

Not as concise or amusing as “The chess is knives!” but still a good line. Three guesses who says it, and the first three don’t count.

Your Own Worst Enemy by Distaff Pope

Ugh. I knew what I was getting into. I really should have known. The story before this in the series was something that just wrecked me for a week. Emotionally I mean. Not in a good way either. I was hoping this would have more of, I don’t know, good things? But it’s really just more of the same right up until the end. So thematically and emotionally it’s basically just a straight continuation of the last one. Sweetie Belle constantly making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons and using more and more twisted logic to justify it with a martyr complex. On top of that it didn’t even have much pony in it for my tastes. Well, the dream magic stuff with Princess Luna counts, and the end is a big magical event and all that. Still, the majority of the story you could swap out the nouns and it would read pretty much the same. As many who read this blog know, I like cool ideas, worldbuilding, high-concept stuff. In this the only thing that fit that was Princess Luna and dream magic. Which I will admit, was some pretty cool stuff. The idea that everypony’s nightmares cause little angry flaws in the dreamscape that spawn as monsters that periodically swarm out to consume the rest of the dreaming. That’s good magicky worldbuilding stuff.

As for the rest, eh, it got me emotionally but not in a good way. So can’t complain about the writing being bad. Though the basic editing could do with a bit of improvement. I caught probably a half-dozen? Maybe just three or four, typos as I read. So… Final verdict? Read The Unbearable Lightness Of Sweetie Belle and if you liked that, this continues in more or less the exact same fashion as the emotional breakdown of Sweetie Belle in that one, just not quite as extreme.

Funny thing is that I read The Royal Ponyville Orchestra before starting this (because no way in heck was I going to re-read Unbearable Lightness) and found out that I enjoyed that one despite some rough writing (sentence flow and word choice mostly) and even with the emotional ups and downs of Octavia. Still think the romance was a bit forced, but nothing too terrible as shipfics are concerned. Yet it did the whole day to day slice of life stuff and magical land of talking ponies stuff mixed together much better. Discord was a main player in one story arc, Octavia’s thing about being discriminated as a Earth Pony in a Unicorn-centric society (her perception of it anyway) was a moderate reoccurring theme, mostly because she had to deal with Vinyl’s magic in many of their interactions. They take a vacation on an airship, which doesn’t bring any real worldbuilding to the table and could be swapped out for a cruise ship with little change but is a nice background detail to keep things less mundane. So even though the writing is less polished I would recommend that one over this one.

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