Pony Stories 654

09 Sep

Glacial progress on the Big Master Review List continues. List trivia time! The word ‘ransom’ only appears once on the entire list. I would have figured at least two titles had used it, but apparently just the one. Also, Essenza di Amore by Cerulean Voice has tied In the Place the Wild Horses Sleep by Lucky Dreams for most reviews. I bet Essenza will get more since it seems to have more long-term staying power.

  • pony.exe by Blue Blaze {COMET}
  • It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll by Spider8ite

pony.exe by Blue Blaze {COMET}

I gave this one a try because there is a crossover story with one I have really been enjoying: The Iron Horse: Everything’s Better With Robots! by The Hat Man. So I figured that if I was going to read the crossover I should give the other story of the pair a shot. Sadly, I did not finish it. Another entry for the category of not terrible, but not great either. The writing style was just a little off from what I’m used to and the pacing is so very slow. This one I’d recommend giving a shot, but if you don’t like the first chapter or two don’t force yourself to continue.

It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll by Spider8ite

Another one I didn’t finish. Writing style was… odd. I’m not sure if it was a style thing or just poor writing. Interesting as a curiosity but not very good as a story I guess.

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