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10 Sep

Thanks to someone who tossed 5 bucks my way, motivation is through the roof. Moment I got the email notification of the PayPal blip I threw myself at the computer and added 50 reviews to the big master review list. Today I should be getting 50-100 there, maybe more. I hoped that a tiny financial incentive would help, but didn’t expect it to be so effective. So, double plus good, I guess. Just have to do another 450 reviews to the list to work off the five bucks and that should (I hope) at least get rid of the backlog. Not counting the 100+ items on my Fimfiction feed of course. Or the non-fimfic reviewers such as Louder Yay or One Man’s Pony Ramblings. I don’t bookmark them when I get behind because it’s much easier to find their older reviews.

  • Dangerous Goods by Georg
  • Bachelorette Bon-ding by Distaff Pope
  • Dinky’s Birthday

Dangerous Goods by Geor

This one falls into the category of not quite enough on it’s own. I more or less know what the context is, given that I’ve read the story after it that covers what happens in a bit more detail. Not that this was a bad story. I quite enjoyed it, for the most part, but I think someone going into it cold is going to be let down. This would work perfectly as a single part of even a slightly larger story. On it’s own, Ditzy gets up, goes to do a early delivery, package explodes halfway back to Ponyville, Ditzy wakes up in hospital. Like, barely wakes up for a half-remembered bit before the story ends. That’s it.

Bachelorette Bon-ding by Distaff Pope

Ehhh. Not sure about this one. Decent enough, just not enough to push the right buttons in my head. I would be interested to see someone who hasn’t read The Royal Ponyville Orchestra check this one out and see how they like it. Just seemed a bit short to me. Not as short as the previous, heck no. This one is at least a full self-contained story. I think this one fell victim to my seriously out of whack personal scale for Dark in a story. It just didn’t have enough punch to get an emotional reaction and just wasn’t complex or cloak-and-daggery enough to get the mental gymnastics puzzle-solving bits of my brain excited. So, recommended but not enthusiastically so.

Dinky’s Birthday by Talon and Thorn

Lunaverse story that is sweet slice of life where Ditzy struggles to come to terms that she isn’t the center and majority of her daughter’s world anymore. I found it very sweet and is a Lunaverse story that you really don’t need to know anything about the AU to enjoy. Recommended for anyone who likes sweet Dinky and Ditzy stories.

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