Tuesday post

13 Sep

Nothing much to put here review or thoughts wise. Happily I’ll be gaming this evening! Which will be really nice. Going to be trying out Torchbearer. Which is a more story-based roleplaying game, but still aims for a D&Dish experience. It is based on Burning Wheel, which I haven’t checked out but I do have a copy of the Mouse Guard RPG which is also based on it. So I’ve got at least a whisper of familiarity. I am curious how it will play as opposed to how it reads on the page. I’m not a huge fan of story RPGs. Which is kind of weird because I really enjoy rules-light RPGs and the two have quite a bit of overlap. Of course I have played very few of either, given my lack of gaming experience. Which is another thing to be saying since I’ve been playing RPGs since before I could read. Yet it’s all been in a fairly narrow band of Dungeons & Dragons.

Might even end up being a dungeon master for a bit down the line. The group is doing a ‘try something new every few weeks’ kick, since our usual dungeon master wants to get more experience with different types of gaming because his current job is actually planning and running RPG-like simulations for classes of students over at the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard. So I’ll be getting more experience with different types of systems as well.

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Posted by on September 13, 2016 in Pondering RPGs


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