Filler Monday

10 Oct

Eh, lazy post is better than no post. First, one of the things I get to experience with browsing on my phone is ads. I’ve got like three different firefox extensions that block anything vaguely resembling an ad on my desktop. So going into a different browser is always something of a shock. In this case the change was seeing the ads on FimFiction while reading stories on the portable device. These ones caught my attention because they kind of bother me in a surreal way.

screenshot_1screenshot_2From Applejack’s expression in that first one, I think the ‘Date a Brony’ line might be a threat.

Anyway, now to the main attraction. A pony fan comic that made me laugh. Here ya go.

2ihqye0-jpgI should actually watch that movie again sometime soon.

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Posted by on October 10, 2016 in Ponies, Uncategorized


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