Pony Stories 658

11 Oct

A random pony thought has gotten stuck in my brain and I can’t get rid of it. It is kind of hilarious so I don’t mind much. Just figured I should share it.

So, Sunset Shimmer’s big evil villain plan was to use the magic tiara to brainwash humans and send them over to Equestria as an invading army. Or something like that, yeah? It’s been a while but pretty sure that was the broad strokes of her plan. I only just realized one huge flaw in her plan. Sure, they would be mindless zombies, but would they actually do any good as ponies? It took Twilight some time to get used to the change and I can’t help but think it would be even more of a change going the other way. Especially with the magic and the flight. So I picture the pony side of the mirror just being a huge pile of helpless zomponies trying to obey their orders and just completely helpless in getting their pony bodies to work and unable to do much of anything.

  • The Library of Discord by Chinchillax
  • A Place for Pinkie by Chinchillax (twice!)
  • Reincarnation or Immortality by Chinchillax

The Library of Discord by Chinchillax

Read it before (that review is here) and still enjoyed it this time. The numbers involved are still far beyond human comprehension except on the most abstract of levels. I spent quite a bit of time trying to think about them while reading this, and after to be honest.

A Place for Pinkie by Chinchillax (first review)

Very interesting worldbuilding ideas. Sort of a more friendly version of the basic idea behind the Alicorn Mystery series. Not sure it works as an actual story. I spent a good deal of it waiting to see how Discord would interact with things, but he never shows up. It feels more like a prologue than something complete in itself. I do look forward to the next one to see how the author rolls it all together.

A Place for Pinkie by Chinchillax (the other review I wrote because I forgot I had written the above first review)

Looking back from having read the third book of this set, I can’t help but feel this one was more or less just setup for the next one. The actual story here is a bit thin. But lots of cool cosmic worldbuilding stuff, so I certainly enjoyed it. Since that is the sort of thing I really really enjoy. Still, by itself mostly just a neat thought experiment as to how Pinkie has special powers and such.

Reincarnation or Immortality by Chinchillax

Cool idea-based story. Lots of neat cosmic worldbuilding stuff that builds on and adds to the stuff we already saw in Place For Pinkie. Also, the term Voidwisher is just really cool. The concept is nice as well, but that word just hits the ‘this is cool’ button in my brain. Might have to steal it for something. Might make a cool D&D class…. Oh, maybe one of the core classes for my Broken Gods world.

Back to the story itself. The main idea this one plays around with is just how big (or for time, long) infinity really is. Even the eons old immortals can’t really handle true infinity. Not to mention this made a great stage/situation where (more or less) all powerful immortals can  argue/fight over that isn’t completely removed from human experience. Which is one of the tricky bits for writing stories that involve those sorts of beings. The fact that the all-powerful beings weren’t actually all-powerful, in that there were bits of reality still a mystery to them, was also nice.

All in all, I’d highly recommend this one for people who want a bit of cosmic idea-based story to read. I did enjoy the characters and the ending wrapped up everything about as well as it could be wrapped up. Given the main theme is how to deal with true infinity, the end couldn’t actually wrap everything up, obviously.

I did enjoy the funny twist where the alicorn collective hive-mind being (it’s not actually as weird as that sounds) is so excited when it hears about someone older than itself. To actually meet and talk with a creature that isn’t a product of their own mind and worlds. To actually get a fresh perspective on the infinite universe and maybe actually learn something about reality itself! …..Then it turns out that older immortal is Discord. Ouch.

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One response to “Pony Stories 658

  1. Chinchillax

    January 25, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    I had almost stuck “A Place for Pinkie” as one giant prologue before “Reincarnation or Immortality.” But that didn’t really fit there either.

    I’m so glad you liked the trilogy! Thanks for all the reviews!


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