Pony Stories 659

12 Oct

Now, I could take my melatonin read for a half-hour to relax and go to sleep. Or… I could get the sherbet ice cream I got from the semi-local place and marathon as much of the pony movies as possible before I keel over. Bad decision time is go! Of course by the time this goes live I’ll already be feeling the effects of said decision. Or, more likely, still be asleep. See, this is why I’m still stuck in mental molasses and InquisitorM is making progress. Gotta get my discipline and determination meters filled up more. At least Fallout 4 has relaxed it’s hold on my brain.

Pinkie Pie’s transformer sound effect at the start of Equestria Girls is still hilarious. Hmm… Do you think Celestia’s voice actor likes the movies because she gets so many lines? Huh. I think Rainbow Dash and the orchestra conductor are a thing. Definitely shipping potential. Finished with Friendship Games and going to keel over now. Legend of Everfree will just have to wait.

The End of the Day by Carabas

I’d have to say this is a typical ancient history Celestia and Luna story. A bit better than the average, but nothing too special brought to the table. Except an interesting look at the two of them pre-alicorn. So I guess it isn’t just a typical one, but I certainly felt that way after I finished it. The story does get plenty of bonus points for making Celestia a Earth Pony. So, hm, final thoughts on it are… somewhat disappointed by only because the author has written some amazing cool stuff and I was hoping for a bit more of that. Still worth a read and like I said, some interesting bits and pieces.

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Posted by on October 12, 2016 in Ponies, Reading 2016, Reviews


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