Project Horizons rambling

13 Oct

About that Project Horizons, huh? Still haven’t gotten back to it. Don’t really feel any urge to finish it up either. So other reviewers will probably finish it up before I get around to it. If I ever do. Probably depend on what someone else tells me about the end. Below is my rambles. As spoiler-free as I could possibly make it.

The story overall? Or at least the several piles of novels worth of it that I read? Enjoyed it for the most part. Jeeze. It really is like trying to put my thoughts down for an entire series of books without the ease of clear beginning and end points for each part.

Main character(s) rundown!

Blackjack still annoyed me a lot of the time. Glory was, eh, Glory never really did anything for me. Rampage was cool. Ooo! Oooh! Rampage and Lord Tellis should fight! That would be awesome. Ahem, heh. Sorry about that. Just popped into my head. P-21 is kinda dull, but never in a actually boring fashion (for me anyway). He’s just kind of a low-key character. The… um…. Dang. I totally forgot her name. Wrench something, something wrench? The young mechanic filly they pick up after that one thing happens. She’s awesome. The various secondary characters and villains are in general neat and even the one-dimensional ones aren’t completely flat. The group’s adventures are pretty wide ranging and varied for all apparently taking place around a single city.

Actually, in a lot of ways I’d have to say that Project Horizons makes a better Fallout crossover than the original Fallout Equestria did. It gets away from the blatant video game stuff, but the general setup and exploration elements are a lot stronger. We have a McGuffin in Blackjack’s pipbuck, a fairly enclosed (distance-wise) location (the city of Hoofington) with lots of individual adventure sites, several competing factions of NPCs that the main character can help or play off each other. Whereas my memory of the original Fallout Equestria tells me that it was more narrative focused. I mean, obviously not completely since like a huge chunk of the book is side-quests and just kind of wandering around doing adventurer type stuff, but hopefully you can see what I mean. For a good part of Fallout Equestria the main characters were working toward something that they could actually explain if someone asked them about it, in a world that was less physically limited and the main forces and organizations they met were either just kind of random or woven into the narrative.

Basically, Project Horizons would be much easier to turn into a video game, is what I’m saying. No clue if that has any relevance to the actual quality of it as a story.

Oh, and I did actually get sad when that one character died. Even though the actual reason for it was kind of dumb

The two times the story intersects with Fallout Equestria are mixed. The first one, during Littlepip’s lost memories, was pretty neat. The second time was… eh, not bad I suppose. Just wish it had been pulled off a bit better. Having a spin-off story have a scene where the success of the character in the original story is influenced by the spin-off’s characters is always tricky and I don’t really like it. This wasn’t as good as say, Life and Times of a Winning Pony, but wasn’t as bad as others either.

Blackjack’s increasing levels of cyborg-ness compared to Littlepip’s growing physical mutation/corruption was neat. I’m glad that the author went that route. In some of the earlier bits (you know, the first novel or two worth of the wordcount) there was some of the same mutation stuff and going the same route would have been a poor choice. So that’s a big plus in the column of good authorial decisions.

Augh. What else can I say? I don’t want to give spoilers, and the details of a lot of it escape me after all, but everything else worth talking about would need specific examples. Given that I haven’t finished it I can’t say how the end would change my opinion. I’ll go with I consider it worthy to be on the bookshelf next to the original and that if you liked Fallout Equestria, you’ll probably like this. I once thought that if you liked Fallout Equestria but hated all the gore and violence, you’d hate Project Horizons. Apparently that’s not true!

Ugh. Soooo looooong. One of the reasons I haven’t gotten back to it is that even though I’ve only got like 10% of it left to read, that means that I’ve got a entire novel or two of content to get though. Content that I won’t like given what was going on around when I stopped. The last cyborg upgrade for Blackjack was a bit too much for me and where Blackjack finds herself was just kinda… I just didn’t like the big bad that pops up after the Enclave arc. I mean it popped up here and there before, but it moves center stage at that point.


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2 responses to “Project Horizons rambling

  1. Chris

    October 13, 2016 at 11:41 pm

    Now that you mention it, I really, REALLY want to see a story that drops Tellis into the middle of the FoE setting.

    • Griffin

      October 14, 2016 at 9:46 am

      The possibilities are endless! Bloody slapstick comedy gold.


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