Filler post

16 Oct

More Lord Tellis being bored in the wasteland:


“Run away! A horrible abomination is coming for us!” Nameless ponies shouted as they ran down the hallway and passed Lord Tellis and today’s wasteland pony protangonist (and possibly friends of hers).

The group tensed for combat. Even Tellis seemed to get more excited (he had been getting bored of the war machines buzzing around the abandoned factory). Then it came around the corner. An abomination of flesh and metal that was so large it barely fit. Sides scraped across the sides of the hallway. Sparks where metal met metal and it’s organic parts open sores left trails of slime. It shrieked with the rage of the unliving and charged.

Lord Tellis sighed. “I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.”

Wasteland Pony Protangonist stared at the chaos warrior next to her. “Oh come on! I know you are jaded and all, but that’s a horrifying monster! You can barely tell where the machines end and the stitched-together animal flesh begins! Even you-”

“Nah. I’ve got a friend whose daughter has one of those for a pet. Heck. This one isn’t even as big. You can handle it. I’m going to go make cuss words in the ash outside using parts of destroyed robots. Give me a hollar if the thing over there splits into a endless horde of smaller enemies I can kick around like sports equipment.”

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Posted by on October 16, 2016 in Ponies


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