Pony Stories 662

18 Oct

Whole bunch of stories today, but not going to be reviewing them individually. So, sort of a group review for a collection that isn’t actually a collection.


This set of stories reminded me (in a vague free association fashion) of The Combinatorics Project by Ringcaat. Though that one was much broader in scope. Still, lots of different shipping pairs with dimensional travel near the end? Pretty much the same.

For the six stand alone shipping stories, they were enjoyable enough. Each one more or less the same on a basic level. Each one had a situation where Sunset Shimmer interacts with the shipping partner of the story in a way that fits their character. Then at the end they hook up. Pinkie Pie’s is the one that diverges the most, and I actually enjoyed the version of Pinkie there. Used Pinkie Pie weirdness in a way that isn’t just wacky, and that’s pretty rare. In this case it was a fear she had that didn’t really make any sense. Across all of the stories, and the author’s other story Fractured Sunlight, I found it interesting that Sunset was (almost) never the one to initiate the relationship. Like Sunset is totally cool with trying a romance, but in general she doesn’t think about the other person that way until they bring it up. The only two exceptions was for the Fluttershy story and the Twilight Sparkle story of the six. In the Fluttershy story Sunset actually has a crush on the yellow non-pony and if memory serves is the one that asks Fluttershy if they can be girlfriends. The Twilight story has Sunset having feelings for Twilight, but relaxed (and reasonable) enough that she lets Twilight make the first move. Just was an interesting reoccurring theme was all. Neutral to the relationship in a shipping story is fairly rare. As for the sequel story where it all comes together, it was pretty good. The ending wouldn’t have worked in a more serious setup. Yet for something like this it was amusing.

It’s kind of weird that I enjoy Sunset Shimmer shipping stories so much. I might have chalked it up to enjoying certain pairings given I’ve enjoyed several Sunset x Twilight (human) stories, but reading through these I enjoyed more or less all of them. Guess I just like Sunset Shimmer as a protagonist in a romance, actually since I liked Long Road to Friendship better than Fractured Sunlight I guess I just like Sunset Shimmer.

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