Pony Stories 666

29 Oct

The number of the beast! I guess, by In Nomine rpg rules this is an incredibly successful event influenced by Satan himself. Neat! So I am catching up on the show of ponies and gotten to the Los Pegasus episode. The moment when Applejack hears the voice of FlimFlam is just hilarious. How her expression and eyes react to hearing it and recognizing it is kind of amazing. In the episode where Starlight Glimmer mind controls most of the mane six, there is a Predator movie reference. Hee. Also, I have to imagine that at some point after the episode wraps up at least one pony will say something along the lines of: “I really wish this was the first time I’ve have mind-altering magic used on me by a neurotic unicorn trying to impress their mentor”.

  • Nothing is Constant by Cynewulf
  • If You Tarry ‘Til You’re Better by Cynewulf

Nothing is Constant by Cynewulf
This one hit a little close to home. The feelings Twilight Sparkle struggles with are somewhat familiar to me. The initiate malleability of social interactions, of the indefinite scope of the future, etc. Sadly, I do not have semi-divinity, being a genius, or a beautiful talented significant other to help me. On the other hand, I don’t have narrative fueled conflict and/or disaster hanging over my head. Not that there is any of that in this story. Just kind of goes with the whole being a fictional character bit. Anyway, I’d recommend this as just a character exploration of Twilight Sparkle. Which was nice. I haven’t actually read a straight character study for a while.

If You Tarry ‘Til You’re Better by Cynewulf
You know, I find it oddly believable that Equestrian doesn’t actually have a word/concept for depression. That’s about the only thing that explains Twilight’s inability to define what she is feeling. Not her inability to talk about it mind you. I know that one far too well. But not even having a grasp on how to define what is basically clinical depression when we all know she would have read at least something about it. Just an odd thought I had. That the land of colorful magic talking points wouldn’t have much knowledge about such a thing. Anyway, another uncomfortable accurate look at what I’m actually going through right now in fact. A little kick in the butt to stop trying to cut off all the edges to make my mood better. Wow, that metaphor did not work at all like I had hoped when I started the sentence. Anyway, recommended for anyone who wants a bit of Rarity and Twilight shipping as a bit of frosting on a Twilight dealing with depression gooey center.

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