Pony Stories 667

30 Oct

So, how about that season 6 finale? Pretty nifty. I think it would have actually worked better with even more time. Like a full movie. Getting more reformed villains, like Gilda and grabbing Sunset Shimmer from the other side of the mirror would be neat.

  • Winter Chocolate by Jupiter VII
  • Ferris Wheel by SugarPinkieVA
  • On Neutral Ground by RadiantBeam
  • One True Place by Silent Earth

Winter Chocolate by Jupiter VII
Sweet fluffy Rarity and Twilight shipping. With cute nervous Twilight. Yep. That’s about it. If you like slice of life shipping stories, and don’t mind the pair, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Ferris Wheel by SugarPinkieVA
More fluffy Rarity and Twilight slice of life shipping goodness. With what I remember as a few good bits and pieces of humor.

On Neutral Ground by RadiantBeam
I don’t know why, but I really like the pair of Sunset Shimmer and Rarity. Just seems to click in my head. Then again, I seem to like a lot of Rarity pairings so maybe I just like stories with her in them. Anyway, this look at Sunset Shimmer being non-sexual and stressing over how Rarity might react is pretty good. Above average shipping, but not mind-exploding amazing. Worth the read since it’s so short and you don’t mind, well, shipping fluff.

One True Place by Silent Earth (Hey, I’ve read this one already and forgot)
Rarity and Applejack shipping. Decent, but not great. Writing this a while after I’ve read it and actually reading the first bit again to refresh my memory and nothing really jumps out at me. So not exactly memorable. Yet I do remember enjoying it when I read through it. So, popcorn shipfic. Certainly one to read if you like the pair. Which apparently was a better reaction than the first time I read it. Though I was trying to be fairly nice this time, so might have been giving it more benefit of the doubt than last time.

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