Pony Stories 668

31 Oct

Huh. So I’m at that point where none of my video games are really grabbing me. Which happens from time to time. Just annoying. I might have to, you know, actually do something productive just to fill up my time. Which would be terrible. Or awesome? It wouldn’t be the first time boredom had driven me to do actual work and/or creative stuff.

So how ’bout that finale, huh? The throne that eats magic was a pretty cool worldbuilding thing. The fact that it absorbed all magic but one type makes me think of some really cool things. Like the creatures were somehow created or corrupted by the stone? Anyway, decent end of the season even if there are a ton of stuff I’d do different. Most of which wouldn’t fit in the time they had. So, ya’know, that’s probably one good reason I’m not in charge of cartoon show production.

  • The Laughing Shadow by Merc the Jerk

The Laughing Shadow by Merc the Jerk

Thoughts I wanted to get down when I was like halfway through:
A story where the author takes MLP as a launching off point, but uses almost nothing of the source material. This story could be original fantasy with, like, three or four changes. total. I mean, most of the characters don’t have the same names. Only Rarity has her actual name from the show, Dash is the rainbow-haired girl’s nickname, and then we’ve got Jack Apple as our main protagonist. No guesses who that is. Fluttershy has a completely different name, and so on. The kingdom is wildly different and seems to be set in a sorta alternate earth? With various human tribes as replacements for some of the different races. Not that all of that is a bad thing. It is decently written and I’m enjoying it. Just kind of wish that the pony stuff was actually removed because it’s a bit of a distraction. Princess Celestia Pendragon, daughter of Arthur and wielder of Excalibur kinda gives my brain whiplash.

Okay, finished it:
I liked it! When it was finished I got that sort of drained and sad feeling I get when I finish a good story. So, despite the non-ponyness of it I enjoyed it. Was a pretty good fantasy story. Strip the few bits and pieces of MLP out of it and polish it up and I’d pay money for it in a bookstore. Heck, not a bad start to a fantasy series honestly. I’d love more stories around non-Applejack, monster hunter and hero. The relationship was what I would consider romance instead of shipping. Which, as always, is one heck of a fine line that is more subjective than most. I usually mean it as a measure of depth. Is it good romance? Eh, I’m not the person to ask about that, narrative or realisticly speaking. I also liked how Spike and Pinkie Pie hooked up. It was barely foreshadowed and only pops up in one scene near the end so I’m not sure that it even counts a side-plot, but the fact that it was foreshadowed enough that I spotted it and kinda hoped it would happen was cool. Because it was a ‘hope it would happen but pretty sure it would not’ type of thing. So I was happy when it did. Also bonus points for including Durandal, which is probably my favorite mythical sword. Mostly due to the old Marathon computer games.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 668

  1. xjuggernaughtx

    October 31, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    Did you have the First Glance Reviews in the Big Master List? They have a healthy number of reviews up now.

    • Griffin

      November 3, 2016 at 8:48 am

      I do not believe so. Will have to put them in my ‘to add’ bookmark folder.


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