Pony Stories 670

05 Nov

Dang. I’ll be getting to four digits of pony stories post numbers sooner rather than later. Not sure if I should be proud or worried. Oh well. What’s a good obsession if you don’t take it too far?

Saw Doctor Strange movie today. Decent. Not as good as I was hoping it would be. This being the first Marvel movie I’ve actually looked forward to in a while now. Not that the others were bad. Just after a while the expectation of decent entertainment with no real wow factor kinda burns me out. Whereas Doctor Strange is one I was hoping they would really go into the, well, strange surreal stuff. Which didn’t really happen. All the cool visuals? No real point to them. I did like lots of bits in it. Just thought that it could have used a bit more, well, surreal weirdness. The ending action scene and the final confrontation with the big bad was pretty awesome though. Even if it was basically… Well, that would be a spoiler. Pony fans will probably get a kick out of it though.

  • Desert Rose by Merc the Jerk

Desert Rose by Merc the Jerk

First off, I can’t tell if this story is supposed to be part of the same continuity as the other one I read. (The Laughing Shadow by Merc the Jerk) It’s the same AU more or less, but I suspect it’s one of those situations where the stories don’t actually interact with each other but still in the same basic foundation world. So, fan-fiction of the author’s AU where there is no actual canon/source? Hm. Just kind of bothered me the whole time with so many things that might have been references? But also some things that seemed to indicate there was contradictions with the other story? I mean… Eh, not a deal-breaker. Just was a minor distraction for the entire story when my brain just couldn’t decide if the two stories connected or not. A more clear either connection or disconnection would have been nice.

Based on this story and the last one by the author I read and enjoyed, I’ve come to the conclusion that the author writes pretty good fantasy stories. One day I hope to actually read my little pony fan fiction from him! I kid, I kid, but only kind of. It more or less worked with the last one. This one I felt the pony stuff was actually holding stuff back. Not to mention I really was expecting a bit more fantasy stuff that didn’t actually pan out. The female lead, the lady Spike falls for, I spent a good amount of the story expecting her to have some kind of reptile-bond magical bloodline or something. Nope. I can’t help but think that at some point in the author’s chain of inspiration/plotting that might have been the case. There were two kinda big foreshadows for something like that, but then nothing comes of it. Which was a shame. Anyway, very little pony. Twilight and Rarity use magic. Rainbow Dash flies once or twice. Twilight has apparently ascended to be a princess like Luna and Celestia, but no actual detail to what that means. So you could change all the names of the characters and the story would be more or less original fiction. Like, even more than the other story by the author which at least had clear three tribe divisions.

So, good fantasy story, could have used a bit more fantasy elements and the pony names filed off.

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