Pony Stories 674

16 Nov

I think Cold In Gardez is taunting us. The Wind Thief is one of my favorite stories. Recently read it again in fact and still enjoyed it. Almost got me playing Skyrim again. Only the fact that I wasn’t up for three days of mods, and the fact that there are two Skyrims now, stopped me. Anyway, at the end of that book he mentions a sequel. Which has never happened and I suspected he has let fall to the wayside. Which sucks, but it happens. No harm, no foul, as the saying goes. I think it can be used like that? Anyway, so I just put it from my mind and gave a sigh of ‘what if’ longing.

Then he goes and puts this art up. Now, he doesn’t say it outright that it is the main character from Wind Theif, but I checked to compare the details. Same name. Same basic color scheme. Wears a pendant. Augh! Why must he mock us? Not to mention ruin my wonderful mental image that the protagonist in Wind Thief was just a renamed Trixie. Ruined a good implied Twilight and Trixie ship in my head. Curses. Then again, I suppose it says something about me that I was so ready to have Trixie be a somewhat unbalanced video game protagonist.

  • Unnoticed by Estee
  • Senior Living by Estee

Unnoticed by Estee

Part of me feels that Estee is sliding more to the cynical depressing end of the emotional spectrum. Their best stories have had a mix of that and sillyness and/or light-heartedness. Many of the stories by that author that I’ve read recently (now that’s a tortured sentence start) have been more and more on the negative side of things. Maybe just me. Maybe just the world. Anyway, this one was mostly Spike being depressed. Really well written and all. Just kinda, well, depressing. Depressed isn’t the exact word for what Spike is going through. I mean, his inability to define what he is feeling is part of the first two acts of the story. Just, bleh. Recommended if you like the Estee writing style and go into it knowing there isn’t any lightness at all in it.

Oh, I did like the character study stuff of Spike. Having a good exploration of Spike as a character is not something a lot of authors can pull off. At least one that’s more than snarky and/or comedic in tone. That’s probably what saves the story from being a total downer. Spike’s love of plays in particular. Actually, the whole description of the magic school students putting together and performing plays was really nice. Story is almost worth it just for that few paragraphs.

Senior Living by Estee

First off, the word Eqestra really throws me off. My brain insists that the lack of the letter is a typo. The story? Eh, not bad. The worldbuilding nerd in me wanted it to go on longer so I could mentally poke around at what is happening. The story, however, cuts off when the emotional closure (more or less) happens. Another kind of depressing one. Mostly takes place on Earth with a pony appearance near the end of the story. Which is a bit of a spoiler but I kind of wish I had known that since I was so confused at the mention of America and other real places. Not sure I’d recommend it honestly. Not because it’s bad, but because I just… Hmm… Just didn’t grab me as a story is all. Sort of a snapshot of a depressing point in life. It does have a more or less upbeat ending but the majority of it is a sad and/or angry viewpoint on a low point in someone’s life.



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2 responses to “Pony Stories 674

  1. Pascoite Fics

    November 16, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    I thought Gardez had published a sequel. Maybe it’s just not obvious as one. Or I’m just thinking of the Skyrim story he got GaPJaxie to write.

    • Griffin

      November 16, 2016 at 5:45 pm

      No sequel that I’m aware of, so probably the Skyrim GaPJaxie one you are thinking of. Which is pretty good itself mind you.


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