Pony Stories 676

19 Nov

Big Master Review List trivia time. The letter ‘O’ shows up 16,803 times in the list.

  • Blink by ocalhoun
  • Dear Diary by Garnot
  • Business in the Front, Party in the Back by Tumbleweed

Blink by ocalhoun

Hm. I get why the story is dark, but my brain just can’t help consider it a bit odd. I mean, no real reason the spell should work that way that I can think of.
Also, relevant comic for a bit of related humor. Dark comedy in a way I suppose. Also, two stories about the teleport spell that both have the title Blink. One of them should change their title a little so we don’t get confused. But which one? Guess they are both in a stand-off to see who blinks first!

I regret nothing!

Dear Diary by Garnot

Now this is my flavor of horror story. Where things make sense, but with a sense of some unknown under everything. Plus a sense of unstoppable progression. Like, Twilight should be able to handle just about anything but the story shows us that she apparently can’t even slow things down. So I think that is my favorite part of cosmic horror. Not the unknown aspect, but the inevitable nature of the events. So, if you like Light In The Darkness, you’ll probably enjoy this if not to the same extent.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back by Tumbleweed

This was very silly. I enjoy a good Rarity freakout scene.

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