Pony Stories 694

08 Dec

So, yesterday I played through 80 Days. The video game that horizon was talking up a while back. Has some cool bits, but I have to say that my experience was pretty much the diameteric opposite of his. For me it was a fairly steady and average game experience. I tried to make reasonable choices and had a bad thing happen every now and then, but in general I only strained the character’s resources a bit here and there and got back at the 63rd day and winning the wager gave me a profit of 11k old-timey British bucks. Some good writing, at least one neat little emotional moment, but nothing like the apparently transcendent experience that horizon had with it. Most of it is just that I don’t really get that emotional with video games. Another is that I’m somewhat familiar with the world of that time, so the ‘world is not that bright a place’ revelation that horizon spoke of (which I admit I’m overselling) was just a ‘yeah, so?’ for me. Played it once, found it moderately enjoyable, but not sure I’ll play it again. Worth the price though.

  • Just For Popularity by RadiantBeam
  • Everypony Lives by Chinchillax
  • The Equestrian Opposition Party by Chessie

Just For Popularity by RadiantBeam

Sunset Shimmer might be my favorite fanfic character. Not that she’s bad in the movies. but pony target audience and corporate oversight limits what can be done with her character. Eh, there was more in my head about her but none of it is actually related to this story. So we will skip past all of that for now. The story isn’t bad. Just felt like it needed more context around it. Not because anything feels missing. More because it felt shallow without a more developed relationship to be the framework for the narrative. If you like Sunset and Twilight shipping you can check it out, but not sure anyone else should go out of their way to read it.

Everypony Lives by Chinchillax

I know I’ve read this before, but could not find my thoughts about it on my blog. So I read it again to make sure and yep, was what I remember. Though my perspective is a bit different at this point. Mostly because I’ve read Reincarnation or Immortality? which is a grand and more expansive version of the same core idea. Even so, I did like this. So I can say with certainty that it won’t be a complete waste of time for someone to read it. Which, as recommendations go, isn’t exactly a shining one I guess? So, recommended for anyone who wants to dip a toe in the contemplative end of the utopia/immortality extrapolation pool.

The Equestrian Opposition Party by Chessie

Fun silliness. A bit of current political poking mixed in, but nothing too overwhelming in my opinion. Fairly typical portrayal of Princess Celestia as omni-benevolent cake-lover. Recommended as a brief bit of fun.


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2 responses to “Pony Stories 694

  1. Present Perfect

    December 8, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    I hope you’ll check out some of the 80 Days fics, from the contest horizon ran. I’ll be posting a review blog in a few days, once I finish GaPJaxie’s, but so far, pretty much all of them have been good if not great.

    • Griffin

      December 9, 2016 at 12:57 am

      I plan to. Downloaded them all to my kindle.

      All of them in one post, as is your usual idiom?


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