Pony Stories 696

10 Dec

Huh. Odd thought for the day. Princess Cadance was never actually pregnant. Her left leg fell off and she tossed it into a vat of acid, but Shining Armor walked into the room and Cadance had to pull the disfigured clone of herself out and pretend it was special alicorn bathtub. So, yeah, Flurry Heart with a backstory that is a comedic body horror extrapolation from Parenting is Easy, I Swear by Aragon.

  • And 1000 Kisses by mouch30
  • A Mark Of Appeal by Estee
  • Mac’s Secret Fillyfriend by Grenazers

And 1000 Kisses by mouch30

I’m writing this a week or two after reading this and I honestly can’t remember any detail about it. Rarity and Applejack shipfic I think? Wait, something about how Applejack likes to do all sorts of romantic stuff for Rarity not because she has too (duty to family and farm for instance) but because she wants to. I think that was this one? I vaguely remember more or less enjoying it, but as my vagueness shows it isn’t the most memorable of stories.

A Mark Of Appeal by Estee

A Estee story of good length and a actual narrative story arc and plot! Not that those are rare, I just tend to read the finished short stories that are closer to vignettes so quote/unqoute proper stories from them is a bit of a rarity for me. Anyway, this was quite a good story. I liked the premise, I liked how both Princesses are portrayed. both good and bad. Then again, I have really enjoyed how Estee writes the royal sisters so that’s no surprise. I like the general arc of things. The resolution. Basically I liked the whole thing. Even if you don’t like the author’s style I’d suggest giving this a look. Not if you hate the author’s style, but if you merely mildly dislike it I would say give this a try to see if a quote/unquote property narrative balances things out. Plus Princess Celestia gets a great ‘good is not stupid and not always nice’ moment at the very end that I enjoyed quite a bit.

Mac’s Secret Fillyfriend by Grenazers

Writing is a bit rough. The author probably needs more practice for smooth reading. Other than that it was a pretty basic slice of life piece. Enjoyable if one ignores the odd word choice and such  but not something I expect to stick with me.

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Posted by on December 10, 2016 in Ponies, Reading 2016, Reviews


One response to “Pony Stories 696

  1. Aragón

    December 10, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    You know what’s great? If you read Parenting is Easy nowadays, it still holds up. The naming convention they set up for Shining Armor and Twilight fit what they did for Flurry Heart. Also, the story involves Cadance looking forward to getting pregnant, which we now know happened.

    I can see the future, yo.


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