01 Jan

The new year is here. If you are reading this, civilization has not collapsed. Probably for the best really. Pretty sure we wouldn’t get as much good pony fan fiction if civilization gets wrecked.

Also, all caught up on the Big Master Review List! At least everyone else’s reviews. I’m doubtful I got all my own stuff added in the few hours until midnight where I am. Writing this ahead of time as I often do.

This year I plan to get back to posting something here every day. I get a nice feeling of productivity when I maintain a constant flow of content on the blog. Gives me a reason to exist, sort of. I also plan to have a bit more variety as well. Still going to have a majority of pounds content, but I intend to have non-pony fiction review-type stuff, more regular tabletop RPG stuff. Maybe more.

Also, as always, going to try to write more. I’ll be putting up the last bits of my unfinished ponyfic up. Once more giving up on the part I was struggling with because it really is a ‘post what I got or it never gets posted’ situation once more.

In an effort to help people notice when stuff gets posted, I will be doing posts on FimFiction each day in the afternoon most likely, pointing people at the blog here. I still continue to debate doing full mirror posts but it bothers my brain to have the exact same content both places.

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