Pony Stories 702

03 Jan

Even besides the fact that I’m addicted to the Internet, not having my computer to use sucks. It is an extension of my brain and forced to go without it really does feel like my brain isn’t working. Think about something I want to look up, or play a game, or read the gaming blogs, all of that is just makes my brain trip and stumble when I go to do it and then remember my computer isn’t working. Still the night the video card crashed and figured I might as well type up a few more review posts for the next couple of days since I don’t have much else to do.

Two Mares and a Carpet Bag by Icenrose

Enjoyable. Not the best of the 80 Days stories, but I did like how the author portrayed both Starlight and Trixie. Not to mention that it had a really good look at industrialization in the pony world in a brief scene with Trixie and some steamship crew. The fact that this was only average for the 80 Days stories I read is really nice given how good it was.

Around The 80 World’s in a Day by hazeyhooves

I wanted this to be longer. It just needs more context. Some cool worldbuilding tidbits and some nice Twilight Sparkle point of view, but just too short to be a proper story.

Anypony For Doomsday by Phycokrusk

Hee. Oh, this one had me laughing. Reading it is worth it for Sombra’s interactions with Princess Cadance. Oh, and his first conversation with Shining Armor was hilarious too. A great comedy.

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