Pony Stories 703

04 Jan

Yep, still the night of no computer. hopefully at this point in time, that is the point when this goes live and people can read it, the computer situation will be solved or at least figured out. If not, the sheet boredom might have forced me into productivity and actually improving my health, focus, and life in general. A horrible future to be sure.

Twilight Sparkle vs Exercise by JapaneseTeeth

Short and fluffy slice of life. Rainbow Dash calming down panicking Twilight Sparkle who feels like she’s a failure for over-preparing and possibly failing at exercise. Nothing much else to say. Doesn’t do much, but does it effectively. This would actually be a decent short episode in some respects.

A Curious Case of Immortality by billymorph

Hee. Quite enjoyed the Rarity here, and Twilight is pulled off fairly well. Another mostly fluffy slice of life. Though, much like the show, if one thinks about things too much it goes in weird somewhat dark places. Like, Rarity learns about the immortality spell Twilight put on her because of she gets hurt in a way that would have killed her and didn’t. So she goes to Twilight Sparkle to see what’s what and tell her that Twilight is overreacting. Except, you know, if Twilight hadn’t done that spell the thing would have killed Rarity. So Twilight kinda has a point. Until you remember that pony works on humor and cartoon violence so Rarity wouldn’t have gotten damaged that badly if she wasn’t immortal. The undying spell just gives the universe more leeway in comedic cartoon injuries.

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