Pony Stories 705

09 Jan

Whoops. Didn’t post anything yesterday. Stupid not being able to sleep throwing me off. Of course having fallen back into Fallout 4 doesn’t help either. But enough talk, have at pony fan fiction!

  • The Stolen Book by Monochromatic

The Stolen Book by Monochromatic

I found this one adorable. A very nicely done young Twilight and I always enjoy how this author makes Rarity and Twilight play off each other even in a short piece like this. I’m actually reminded of the story in the AU where Rarity is a queen and Twilight is a guard where they talk about a book Twilight is reading during guard practice and that’s how she gets picked for Rarity’s personal bodyguard. I enjoyed this book, but fluffy as heck. I mean it’s got a good subtle look at how young Twilight doesn’t actually understand that something said by another pony might not be literally accurate, but that doesn’t stop it from being fluffy. Still, Rarity’s revenge is just delightful. Highly recommended for anyone who wants some very nice slice of life.

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