Pony Stories 710

16 Jan

Augh. WordPress has finally forced me to use the ‘new and improved’ blogpost editing screen. Curse you WordPress! I was comfortable with the other layout. I knew where everything was and all that. Stop messing with my workflow.

  • Gunsmoke by Wanderer D

Gunsmoke by Wanderer D

Overall, I liked this. Had rough spots, but they were only occasional. It’s a crossover and not a bad one. Not a great one and I’m not sure why I didn’t like it more. Part of me wants to blame that it isn’t a blend like Fallout Equestria. Gunsmoke is just Sunset Shimmer popped into the anime. Yet I can’t blame it on that because the story Stardust is exactly that and I loved it. So I dunno. Still would only rate it as good not great. Probably one of the better Sunset Shimmer stories honestly. I liked the version of her the author shows us. Not to mention the moral of the story (sort of?) of the many layers of friendship. Plus we get two interesting shipping couples. I liked Twilight and Lemon Zest as a secondary just kinda in the background couple. That was handled very nicely. Plus I did like who Sunset Shimmer ended up with. Don’t think I’ve seen that pairing anywhere, honestly.

So, recommended if you don’t mind a few missteps here and there. The ending was a bit dragged out in my opinion. There was no tension for me. I knew the good guys would win and everything past a certain point just seemed to be explosions and action for it’s own sake. If you like Sunset Shimmer you should certainly check this out. If you really like what you see in the description of the story, you’ll certainly get that as well.

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Posted by on January 16, 2017 in Ponies, Reading 2017, Reviews


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