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25 Jan

So, gaming is back to Fallout 4 again. Had a few games of Master of Orion (the new one), but just kind of slid back to Boston apocalypse. Skyrim was gorgeous with all the best high-resolution mods and my new video card. I played for a bit and then realized that as pretty as it was, I really didn’t want to play any more Skyrim. I’ve just played all the content into the ground and especially the early levels kind of suck for actual enjoyable experience with just the act of playing. I realized that for all the railroading of Fallout 4 (main quest in particular) overall it is a much better open sandbox game than Skyrim. I just feel like what I do has more actual effect on the world, with the settlements and everything.

  • Dusk Falls by NorrisThePony

Dusk Falls by NorrisThePony

This bit written while still in the middle of reading it:

40% into it and I’ve got such mixed feelings. Seems like an interesting plot. The pre-Nightmare sisters interact with each other in a believable fashion. Yet… Some of it seems like just killing time. For the last 15% or so of the book I’ve been constantly looking at the progress and not believing that I haven’t even gotten to the halfway point yet. The pacing is glacial is what I’m saying. The other side is that this is a fine example of incompetent Princess Celestia. She makes several terrible decisions for reasons ranged from no reason at all to rational but stupid reasons. At the moment I want to know what happens. Yet I’m not sure I want to sit through several more chapters of nothing much happening to get there.  Time to take a break and head to other stories for a bit and see if coming back to it with fresh eyes helps.

Haven’t gotten back to it yet. Just… Don’t really have any motivation to resume the story. Not all that interested in what the monster/villain will be, the sister’s relationship is more or less mapped out so the story won’t have a bright and happy ending in that regard. Pre-nightmare and all that. I can see why other people have liked it. Just hasn’t gotten any hooks into me is all.

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