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Pony Stories 727

Beep boop. Figured I should get another one of these things out. I had something to put in the intro… which I forgot a while back so you get filler instead!

  • Sunset’s Booty by JediWyrm
  • Step Right In and Start Again by shortskirtsandexplosions

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Pony Stories 726

Guh. Why is self-destructive behavior so easy to fall into. Nothing major for me, but certain things utterly destroy my productivity and energy and general mood. I keep thinking that shouldn’t evolution eliminate this sort of behavior pattern? Then I remember that A) Computers and the internet haven’t been around long enough for that to count, and B) I’m probably not going to be breeding so evolution is doing it’s job just fine.

But for now, words about ponywords. Also, the comment of Paula Saran: Queen of Cellophane! continues to make me laugh.

  • One Boop Mare by Billy G Gruff
  • The Song of My People by The Ponytrician

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Pony Stories 725

Yesterday I finally got to the point where I had Fallout 4 modded just how I wanted it. Difficulty wasn’t too easy, everything worked together as far as I could tell. Was actually having fun with the first part of the game. Then, apparently, Bethesda updated the game last night and the one mod several others rely on doesn’t work and I can’t play until they update it. Gah! Universe is messing with me again.

  • The Lamia by Cold in Gardez

The Lamia by Cold in Gardez

Hee. This was very amusing. From Rarity’s open-minded optimism (I like to think it’s from her growing up in Ponyville) to Rainbow Dash’s reactions to the end bit where two stallions are smearing meat tenderizer all over each other. Ending a bit sudden, but even that kind of matches a quick half-hour episode everything-back-to-normal wrap up, so the story is within arm’s reach of show tone in my opinion.

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Pony Stories 724

I had a clever witty idea of what to have for this intro bit last night. I was already in bed, so I figured I was going to be up before 9am so I’ll just do the post in the morning. Now I don’t have any clue what my great clever and witty idea was. Oh well. It’ll come back and I can use it then.

  • Rocky by Flint-Lock
  • Saboteurs by Raugos

Rocky by Flint-Lock

Sweet story. A pretty good Luna trapped on the moon story. Nothing too amazing, but solid and some good moments.
Of course the reason I read it is because I couldn’t help but think it might be a prequel for Hell of a Time. Not really, but Princess Luna on the moon with a imaginary friend named Rocky? How could I resist. Probably best the story turned out to be sincere and sweet instead of wacky.

Saboteurs by Raugos

Was not expecting that. I liked it and don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just recommend it for someone looking for a bit of fun.


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Pony Stories 723

I know that the Big Master Review List is the niche-est of niche projects, but always makes me happy to hear someone new found it and liked it. So congrats to that recent person who was telling friends about it. Even if your brain apparently couldn’t process PaulAsaran’s name when you looked at it. As for reviews today, two great stories and a pretty good one.

  • When the Moth Loved the Flame by PresentPerfect
  • ArĂȘte – Princess Alicorn of Hackers by Lise Eclaire
  • The Mare Who Once Lived on the Moon by MrNumbers

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