Pony Stories 721

02 Feb

Still pondering what, if anything, to do with my 100th Pony stories post. Big round numbers should be celebrated after all. Still a way in the future but if I manage close to daily posts it will be by the end of the year. So… That’s about as far as my pondering has got. Hopefully I’ll have my copies of the new Fallout: Equestria 3rd printing by then. Maybe a contest or something with one of them as the prize. I suppose it also assumes I’ll still be interested in reading pony fan fiction a year down the line. Which I guess isn’t such a big leap of deduction given that I still enjoy it whenever my depression doesn’t suck enjoyment out of my head. Given that I bought my first actual Hasbro pony merch a couple of days ago, I doubt the pony is fading from my brain.

  • What Lies Beyond the Dance by Erisn
  • All the Ways that Matter by RoyalBardofCanterlot

What Lies Beyond the Dance by Erisn

Hmm… Certainly not happy, but not sure I would call it dark? Which, given my skewed yardstick for that, means it probably is pretty dark. The description is accurate, the three immortals are found playing with the lives of mortals. Ends with Starlight and Twilight getting mind-exploding and put back into the current incarnation of Equestria for the ‘game’ to continue. So… Vaguely recommended? If you like the concept it is nicely laid out, but there wasn’t anything that really grabbed me about it either. Which is mostly just a personal angle, I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of the writing itself.

All the Ways that Matter by RoyalBardofCanterlot

A little bland, but will scratch the Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy friendshipping itch if you’ve got it. A story I would classify as functional. I read it a couple of days ago and can’t remember any details, but I do remember it was mildly enjoyable while I read it.


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3 responses to “Pony Stories 721

  1. Logan

    February 2, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Right, that second one’s going on the list, maybe for an RD/FS Friendshipping edition at some point.

    Also, actual pony merch? Ooh! What is it?

    • Griffin

      February 3, 2017 at 2:52 pm

      Four dollar random plastic figure from the grocery store. Just to see what kinda quality they were and which one I’d get.

      • Logan

        February 4, 2017 at 11:32 am

        Heh. First merch I ever bought was a little Fluttershy brushie. Still have it, though she’s low quality compared to a lot of other stuff. But yay, I guess.


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