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03 Feb

I’ve been watching the anime Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade works with my mom. The original is one of my favorite anime and I was informed/reminded there was a new one out by comment in one of ScarletWeather’s blogs. So figured it would be a good way to introduce my mom to it. It is exceptionally pretty, but we just got past the halfway point and I’m thinking I like the first series better. It’s been a while so I might have to re-watch it to make sure, but so far I much prefer the way my memory tells me the original anime handled a lot of the exposition and pacing. Main character redhead guy is much more tolerable this time around, though. I kinda hated him in the original. Just not sure that’s enough of an upside to give the rest of the show a pass is all.

  • The Application of Unified Harmony Magics by Novel-Idea
  • Princess Celestia: A Brief History by Novel-Idea
  • The Cloudsdale Report by Novel-Idea

The Application of Unified Harmony Magics by Novel-Idea

A good Sunset Shimmer story. I liked the version of Sunset that the author builds here. I’d love to read more stories about her, but from what I gather most of the stories in this particular Alternate Universe are scattered around time-wise and not sure how many of them actually involve baconhair littlehorse. Still, both Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle (and assorted secondary ponies) are constructed quite well.

Princess Celestia: A Brief History by Novel-Idea

Twilight, Sunset, and Celestia walk into a bar… No, wait, that would be the setup for a joke. This is just a nice character piece where we see these  particular Alternate Universe versions of Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Celestia bounce off one another. I enjoyed it, but I like slice of life character pieces where nothing much happens as long as the characters are pulled off decently well.

Just occurred to me (several days after reading it) that in the story Twilight grabs a recently written history/biography of Princess Celestia (the same one she was trying to cram before their meeting) and it would have been even more amusing if she got it from a whole bookshelf of similar titles that Princess Celestia has been collecting through the centuries.

The Cloudsdale Report by Novel-Idea

Eh, I think this one had a bit too much buildup for the main focus. I mean, I figured out what it was about for a while and having several pages of Princess Celestia just getting to the secret room to read the report was a bit much compared to the actual reveal. Not a bad wrapup for this little mini-trilogy but would have liked either a bit more or a bit less. I was half-expecting the story to be just the report, sort of the same style as Records of an Academy Disaster.

This is the second story/series in recent memory that had an alternate universe where the sonic rainboom not happening affects Celestia and Sunset’s relationship. I unconciously had put their falling out a bit before that event, but I guess it could be around then. That the sonic rainboom, and more specificly Twilight’s reaction to it, happens right when Celestia and Sunset are arguing or something. Explosion happens and Princess Celestia gets pulled away to see what’s going on and when she gets back, Sunset is gone. Explosion doesn’t happen, the two of them work things out.

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