Pony Stories 730

05 Mar

Beep boop. A third one knocked out while I had the energy (and boredom) to type up some of these. I had something clever to put in one of these intro bits. It has escaped me now.

  • Drifting Down the Lazy River by Georg
  • Cigarettes & Gunmetal by MonoGlyph

Drifting Down the Lazy River by Georg

I continue to like this author. This is a really nice slice of life. A bit oddly paced though. Nothing is really a surprise, but I think the pacing in some places was trying to build suspense? Maybe it was just the off and on way I was reading it. Anyway, recommended for a fluffy piece with a somewhat interesting point of view character. If you like the author, well, you’ve probably already read it. If you don’t know the author this would be a decent place to start. I do wish it was a “proper” sequel to The One Who Got Away. I really liked the Baron as a main character. Still, it does match up pretty good with that previous story so I can’t really complain.

Cigarettes & Gunmetal by MonoGlyph

I enjoyed it, but I feel it could have been better. It had all the highpoint checkmarks for Cyberpunk, but I think it was missing a bit of the heart of it. I think my favorite description of Cyberpunk (from a D&D blog I follow of all places) described it as people trapped between gigantic forces. There wasn’t really any of that in this story. The government, in the form of Princess Celestia, is in control of things, we get no real sense of just how powerful the business corporations are outside of like two off-hand comments that could be true of corps today. There just… I guess what I’m getting at is this was pretty good dystopian science fiction, but that doesn’t make it cyberpunk. The characters are all cyberpunk qualified but we don’t get any real sense of how they got that way, except for Rainbow Dash and AJ and they are actually the least changed from ponyshow form.

On the other hand, a lot of the little arcs could be entire stories in themselves. Applejack’s adventure in colonizing another planet would be awesome as a large self-contained story all by itself. Fluttershy’s whole deal could be an entire trilogy of cyberpunk urban fantasy stories. Lots of cool concepts here and there aside from those foundations as well. So fun stuff. Just… Just didn’t please the cyberpunk purist inside me. Maybe I need to read some of the novels the author said was their cyberpunk foundation to see how much of it turns out to be different starting points for the genre.

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