Pony Stories 731

07 Mar

The posting of things continues!

That’s pretty much all I had for the intro bit today. Wait, wait, a piece of ponyart gave me the thought that the crystal palace map table would be awesome for tabletop wargames. I have to wonder if any of the mane six do wargaming. Painting the minis would probably be enjoyable for Twilight and Rarity. Rainbow Dash would enjoy the actual armies battling. Plus, you know, Lord Tellis would love playing those sorts of games with Fluttershy!

…Part of me feels that it’s wrong that I now consider Lord Tellis to be canon. Oh well.

  • Bowled Over by Baal Bunny
  • The Bounce Test by Estee

Bowled Over by Baal Bunny

Fun story. I’m finding that I like Starlight Glimmer stories. Calling them redemption stories isn’t quite right I don’t think. They are more about her trying to re-integrate into normal society and all that. This one had just the right amount of silly and sincere in my opinion. Very much recommended.

The Bounce Test by Estee

Probably the best Flash Sentry story I’ve read. Of course I’ve read like, three or four? At least one of which was human!Flash, so not sure that counts. Still, I liked this one. Estee does a good job with the Crystal Empire in my opinion. Continuing on from Post Negative Comments Only, which was another one I enjoyed even if it went darker than I anticipated. Estee has a pretty good Iron Will too, who figures in both stories as well.

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