Pony Stories 733

14 Mar

Still around, just still kind of lost in my own head. I just finished reading the Iron Hearts series again. Pony 40k still amusing. The last book wasn’t as good this time around. Which is… my fourth time reading it? So still good. Just didn’t have the absurd amusement as the others. At that point the mixture has stabilized into more or less 40k adventure with a splash of surreal comedy. Which I think I pointed out in my original review? Who knows.

  • The Remainders Of The Day by Estee
  • Asylum by Admiral Biscuit

The Remainders Of The Day by Estee

A bit too long to be a pure character study of Twilight Sparkle. This is something of a basic by the numbers Estee story. Which meant I mostly liked it and it had a few parts that kind of bugged me but I can’t remember any of them looking back on it. Not the story I’d suggest for someone’s first Estee story, but if you like this author this is one that should be high on you reading list.

Asylum by Admiral Biscuit

Hm. I’m honestly not sure what my reaction to this one was. Not… Not sure I liked it, even though it was his usual level of writing quality. I guess just a matter of crossed wires in the expectation department. For one, most of it is one guy explaining to another guy what happened. The other is that it ends on a fairly serious note when the premise is a little on the silly side at first glance. I mean, the subject as a whole isn’t silly but it… Yeah. Like I said, still kinda confused. Try to go into it with no preconceived expectations and it’ll probably land better in your head than mine.

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