Pony Stories 735

21 Mar

So, Obita Dicta updated. No need for a review of course. It’s updated. You either have read it or will soon read it. It is good. I will say it is a little less original than his other works. Luna as spymaster is… not exactly a cliche, but not breaking new ground either. I actually like the idea I ran across a while back that Princess Cadance was Equestria’s spy-master and that’s why she was more or less a princess nobody ever heard of before the wedding.

  • Solving for Death by Majin Syeekoh
  • Learning Curves by Tumbleweed

Solving for Death by Majin Syeekoh

I enjoyed it. This would actually make a fun episode, if you know, it didn’t involve Starlight Glimmer killing Twilight Sparkle by accident with a fork while setting the table for dinner. Good friendship lesson though. Plus the reaction Starlight Glimmer has when she realizes she killed Twilight is hilarious.

Learning Curves by Tumbleweed

Ooooh, I see. They are actually dancing but it’s written in a way where it sounds like they are talking about sex. Or, honestly, maybe the other way around? The end bit was a bit on the vague side I guess. No, probably just dancing.

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