Pony Stories 740

04 Apr

Was reminded recently that the new Samurai Jack cartoon has just started. I watched the first three episodes. Pretty good. I worry it is going to continue to be dark and gritty and I hope things will pick up. There are hints of that silly was that I liked in the original so only time will tell. I’ve also gone back to watch the original from the beginning and once again I get reminded just how much a work of art that show was. Sure, some of the details are a little messed up, but in general the art is gorgeous, the scenes are always interesting, and you can have almost half an episode of just silence and atmosphere. Such a damn good show that was.

Crystal Glass Ceilings by Pineta

Simple story, one or two funny moments. A bit fluffier than some of his stories. Pretty straightforward in both concept and execution.

The Sunlight Project by Space Jazz

Not bad. Kind of average really. Human Twilight being anxious nerd with crush on Sunset. I did like the ending, but kind of bland getting there. Though not too many cliches. Otherwise just a typical Sunset/Twilight romance. Though they don’t get together. The whole story is just Twilight obsessing and crushing in secret on Sunset and the end is when it comes into the open. So that was refreshing.

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Posted by on April 4, 2017 in Ponies, Reviews


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