Pony Stories 742

28 Apr

Been playing Diablo 3 lately. Just the right level of mindless stimulus-response for my mixture of preference and energy level. Doing hardcore seasonal, which means that if I die I lose the character. Some very exciting moments there. My current character is a Crusader. Paladin-type class. One of the generic repeating lines I hear is ‘Nothing stops the crusade!’. Which does not make me think of paladin-type stuff. I blame Estee. Specifically the description for this story. I’m almost sorry I named the character after Princess Luna. To match my barbarian named after Princess Celestia

  • Knotty Logic by Estee
  • An Offer She Can’t Excuse by psychicscubadiver

Knotty Logic by Estee

Fun enough. More or less a cotton candy ponyfic. Enjoyable while reading it (assuming you like Estee as an author) but not much lingers after you finish it off.

An Offer She Can’t Excuse by psychicscubadiver

Heehee. I love a good comedic incompetent Queen Chrysalis. This story has a lot of that and in a good way. Plus a nice letters-as-story format, except for the last chapter. The punchline was good as well. Even if you aren’t loving it, I would say it’s worth powering through to the end just to see the last joke.

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Posted by on April 28, 2017 in Ponies, Reading 2017, Reviews


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