Pony Stories 744

03 May

Boop. Beep.

Link for the series page. Links to each story in the list above.

Decided to just do these all as one review. It really is one story, even though it’s divided up. Each one is a brief scene. Well, one is a series of scenes that are more or less unconnected to each other. Sort of. Anyway, this series of stories is basically Sunset Shimmer in deep depression. Like can’t get out of bed seriously considering suicide levels of depression. Handled fairly well, which from me means the story is much too familiar. Not that I’ve ever had it that bad but I’ve been in places where I can see there on the horizon. If that makes any sense? This is also a story where it doesn’t have much pony in it, I mean other than it being Equestria Girls. Yet if you changed the names you’d have to add in a lot of backstory to explain Sunset Shimmer’s past and context and everything. So… Mileage may vary. I can’t really say much about the actual writing quality except that it was good enough to evoke the sense of depression I am way too familiar with, so good job on the author’s part I guess?

The stories range from first person to third. Sometimes between stories but I do believe at least one switches during. I felt it was handled well and the one story that I remember switching mid-narrative used italics to indicate the internal thoughts that were in first person.

I did really like the quirk the author gave Sunset Shimmer that she names all of her major possessions. Scooter, jackets, guitar, etc. That was a cool little twist I haven’t seen anywhere else and just seemed to fit her. Or at least this version of her.

Spoilers. kinda:

The last one (Spider Queen) is actually more of a comedy. Kind of? The major depression arc is the first six stories, with Reconciliation being sort of the light at the end of the tunnel. Sunset Shimmer trying to capture a spider because she hasn’t slept in so long that she thinks the terrible movie she saw at like 3am was a secret documentary and Fluttershy visits.

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