Pony Stories 745

04 May

Daily posting continues!

  • Terra Incognita by Carabas
  • Destiny : Twilight Voidwalker by BackroundVoice

Terra Incognita by Carabas

A good story, but another victim of the author’s skill. In that it isn’t quite as good as all of the author’s other stuff. It’s got good writing, a few good moments of humor, but just didn’t grab me like the other stuff the author has written. Certainly worth reading. Also a pretty good backstory for the magic mirror.

Destiny : Twilight Voidwalker by BackroundVoice

I really wanted to like this one. I had hoped it would be a good introduction to the video game side of the crossover. Only barely got through the first chapter. Not that it was terrible or anything. The writing was functional and I did find the choice of Point of View character to be neat. Just… I’m pretty sure the first chapter is just the basic start of the video game and that was just not that interesting. It was just a standard ‘start of video game shooter’ with nothing special or interesting about it. Twilight is woken up, given a gun, and then shoots at bad guys. No use of magic, telekinesis, shields, or anything. She doesn’t even use her wings. It might get better later. The author does show little bits of creativity that might lead to things down the line. I just don’t feel like reading through the mediocre stuff until then. I wanted pony with a bit of video game in it. What I got was video game fan fiction with a tiny amount of pony sprinkled in. Someone who really likes the video game would probably enjoy this a lot more.

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